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Pierre Rossy, owner of Schroeder Joailliers in Luxembourg, with his new partner Mr. Willian Wang, CEO of Mandarin International Trading, as well as Mr. Yong Zhang, Euro-Asie business manager and acting as an intermediary, signed Monday evening a distribution contract for SCHROEDER products.

Schroeder watches, jewelry and accessories will be sold in China and in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia.

The signing was realized in front of personalities from the Luxembourg economy, in particular:
Mr Luc Frieden, President of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, former Minister of Finance and Justice,
Mr Marcel Leyers, C.E.O. of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg,
Mr Wei Zhang, C.E.O. of China Everbright Bank,
Ms Shi Na from the Chamber of Commerce,
Mr Patrick Nickels from the Ministry of the Economy in Luxembourg.

If this contract can take place, it is certainly thanks to the 140 years of history of SCHROEDER in Luxembourg but also to the fact of producing "Made in Luxembourg" or being "Supplier of the Court" without interruption for more than 100 years!